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DarkCTF 2020: Linux/Squids


470 points

Squids in the linux pool

Note: No automation tool required.

ssh [email protected] -p 10000 password: wolfie


Not much to comment, it take me literally a minute to find the flag.

Found suspicious /opt dir with lots of dirs which I didn't want to manually check, so I've executed find . from within the /opt, found iamroot binary which looks like cat with root permissions (setuid). So I've used the found binary to have a look into /root/flag.txt


DarkCTF 2020: Linux/linux starter

Linux/linux starter

101 points

Don't Try to break this jail

ssh [email protected] -p 8001 password : wolfie


The challenge was to escape jail/restricted shell.

I’ve found, that PATH environment variable contains /home/wolfie/bin:/home/wolfie/.local/bin:/root/bin

So, I’ve simply scp the dash shell into /home/wolfie/.local/bin/

Then, I was able to execute my own shell and find flag in the seconds.


DarkCTF 2020: Linux/Find-Me


321 points

Mr.Wolf was doing some work and he accidentally deleted the important file can you help him and read the file?

Note: All players will get individual container.

ssh [email protected] -p 10000 password: wolfie


Let's have a look what accidently deleted files we can find ;-)

ps aux
cd /proc/10/fd
cat 3

Some password, but what for?

Let’s see what users do we have on this box.

getent passwd

Password seems to be accurate.

So, where’s the flag?

Reversing the text gave me the flag…