UMassCTF'21: Scan Me

Scan Me

Category: misc

128 points

The top layer is a lie.

Created by Seltzerz#6678


file scan_me.xcf 
scan_me.xcf: GIMP XCF image data, version 0, 800 x 600, RGB Color

Under visible layer there’s one with the actual challenge.


It contains the broken QR code and the challenge is about fixing it.

broken qr

First of all I didn’t have enough knowledge about QR codes, so I started research. Finally, I’ve found QR Code Tutorial which gave me all the information needed to start my work.

I’ve done some pixel art by redrawing the whole QR code pixel by pixel. I’ve also added missing finder pattern, dark module and timing pattern. The result below.

fixed qr

After scanning…

qr scan

Under the given address there’s an image with the flag.




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