My name is Łukasz Szymański, I was born and raised in the ‘80. I’m IT ninja with passion to growing plants, punkrock, hiking, open software and Python programming.

I’m a graduate of engineering and master of science studies on Applied Informatics field studies on University of Science and Technology in Bydgoszcz. Besides that I graduated postgraduate studies on field of Agile Project Methodology on WSB University in Bydgoszcz.

In addition to the above I’ve got whole bunch of IT certifications. I don’t think it’s really the thing, because my memory to details is very volatile. And that’s the reason why I’ve created this page. I’m going to keep here some writeups and articles about the challenges I’ve completed. If someone besides me will find it helpful, I’ll be more than happy :-)

If someone interested in details (almost) complete list can be found on my LinkedIn profile. As a most valuable one from the ones I achieved I consider title of RHCE, for which exam was completely based on practic under the vast time pressure…

As for my professional experience, I also refer to my Linkedin profile. Although it is not complete on this point. I have gathered a lot of experiences in my life, incl. I was a construction worker, a gardener, a security guard, I laid cables for a large cable network, took care of a hotel, stocked shelves at supermarket and distributed leaflets. Most of the work was seasonal and done when I was very young. For a dozen or so years I have stayed in the area of the IT industry and there are no signs that this will change.

Furthermore, with group of friends we form a team of Inner Savages, under which’s name we encounter on IT events (conferences, hackathons, CTFs, etc.). Last days, and I found it as a personal achievement, we have successfully managed to formalize as registered association, whose I’m Chairman of The Board.

Maybe someday I would gather details of all above and share it in organized way on page.

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