Bayer Hackathon 2021

May 31, 2021


During last weekend (28-30 May 2021) I had a pleasure to participate in Bayer Hackathon. As it was stated on hackathon’s website, Bayer is expanding its global digital and IT footprint, starting with a Digital Hub in Warsaw. Also, it’s “so impressed” with world-class talents in Poland ;-)

In simpler words, Bayer is opening new job opportunities in Warsaw and wants to bring attention by organizing this event. Personally, I love such approach, which gives opportunity to recognize the company without any obligations. Also, it’s a great way to learn new IT topics and prove yourself in competition.

Above sounds like a wonderful occasion to me and my friends from Inner Savages NGO. And that’s why we decided to take a part in competition with data scientists, and by the way learn something new.


We have formed the team of four with below members:

  • Jakub ‘jqu’ Zięba, who always wanted to learn Tensorflow but had lacked the motivation to do so ;-)
  • Monika ‘tekashi’ Szymańska, my lovely wife, who is professional Project Manager and has great communication and approach to the people (having someone with high soft skills in team is the key in hackathon participation)
  • Andrzej ‘andrew1159’ Borowicz, our great colleague, who is always eager to learn new things :-)
  • me, luc, the bellwether of Inner Savages ;-)

Hackathon was going to start at late afternoon on Friday, but before that we all have received awesome gift packs (#swag).

Bayer Hackathon swag

It was a hoodie, few stickers, some advertising materials, metal water bottle and seeds of honey plants (I really loved that one and right away sow them on my balcony - thank you Bayer <3).

I didn’t mention it before, the hackathon was meant to be online, but we have decided to make it stationary for ourselves and meet live for coding and having fun ;-) After challenge presentations we had some pizza nutrition and brainstorming. We have decided to pick second category - “Hunger for None” because of feeling it’s the only one which assumed the creation of app besides the data analysis.

We have decided to create simple React.js web app which will be easily portable to mobile platforms with React Native. Application assumed to be internet connection independent with builtin AI model for plant disease detection based on taken picture.

In this moment I have to mention that none of us had data science experience, nor React Native. We needed to make up for our lack of knowledge quickly.

So here’s the summary of 2 days of hard work and sleepless nights:

  • 2 pizzas,
  • 1 big KFC bucket,
  • 10 liters of mineral water,
  • 4 liters of coffee,
  • not known number of energy drinks,
  • one Tensorflow model for plant disease detection,
  • one React.js app,
  • one project presentation + teaser video.

The app presents as below. It was meant to be easy to use, without any extra options, just few buttons and Tensorflow model underneath.

Bayer plant disease evaluation app

Our presentation was outstanding (it was different than the video teaser and at the end we had a doubt if it was viewed by Judges).

This browser does not support PDFs. Please download the PDF to view it: Download PDF.

Anyways, we have been recognized by judges and got to the finals :-)

Bayer hackathon finalists

After some additional pitches we ended on 4th place in Hunger for None category with 3000 PLN reward. It’s so astonishing that we have made a solution that has been recognized. Especially as at the beginning of the event we had very basic knowledge without much experience. At the end we are more than satisfied with the outcome of this event :-)

Inner Savages Team


I would like to thank the organizers (both Bayer and Proidea) for this great opportunity of participation in such event. We love IT events, we really appreciate all forms of such activities, especially hackathons. And I really hope, that’s not the last hackathon branded by Bayer. See you next year? ;-)

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